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line interactive ups


LDS Line Interactive UPS reliable range is loaded from 220V ± 10% output available in Mosfet based technology. Line Interactive UPS provides effective capacity equipped with C.V.C.L. charger with wide variety of Backup Range to meet the needs of customer.Offline UPS can be paired with equipments ranges from computers to heavy duty equipments.


  • PWM technology
  • Ultra Fast Transfer Time
  • Inbuilt Line Filter
  • Line Interactive Design
  • Mosfet Technology
  • Inbuilt A.V.R.
  • C.V.C.L. Charger
  • Efficiency>85%
  • Inbuilt S.M.F. Batteries
  • Compact Size.
  • Multicolour ABS/Powder Coated Body.

Technical Details

Mains input voltage 140-270V
Mains output voltage 220V+-10%
Mains Battery Charging Constant Voltage Current Limit Type
Inverter output voltage 220V+-2% AC rms on Linear Load
Inverter Battery Voltage 12/24 Volts,DC
Frequency 50.0 Hz+-0.5%
Wave Form Quasi Sine Wave
Control Method Pulse Width Modulation
ProtectionsLow Battery,Output Short Circuit
Mains Indication Green LED
Battery Indication Red LED
Low Battery Indication Red LED with Alarm